The 3-Day Category of One Challenge

Master the Secret of Client Attraction in the 2022 Digital World

For so many of us, the pandemic removed a key prospecting system — meeting with people face-to-face. No in-person conferences. No industry gatherings. And if you showed up at a business… your prospect wasn’t there or wouldn’t see you.  

You’ve tried other ways of reaching out but you’re just not making the contacts you need to and sales targets are getting missed. It’s frustrating. 

And although we’re starting to get back to normal, it’s not quite the same. People are still working remotely, many events are still online, and connecting with prospects is still a challenge. 

Here’s the problem… in order to attract clients online, you must stand out from your competitors. And it’s much more difficult than in-person contact because your future clients are seeing every possible option available to them, not just you. It’s crowded online!

Even if you can meet prospects face-to-face, they are comparing you to other options they’ve researched online. You have to help them see you as the best choice for their needs.  

So how do you stand out and get their attention? By being different. Really different.

You need to be a Category of One. Not just the best of the bunch — you must be the ONLY option they will consider to solve their problem.

Turn your best prospects into your best clients. Join us for this free 5-day challenge and become a Category of One. 

Our next challenge starts March 22nd — sign up today!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your producers are missing their sales goals
  • You’re relying on phone calls to find new prospects and it’s not working
  • You get a prospect on zoom but struggle to close the deal
  • You just want things to go back to how they were before 2020…
  • You know there has to be a better way

Are You Ready…

To stop feeling like you’re trying to sail directly upwind…

To have prospects come to you willingly and eager for your expertise…

To build customer relationships that aren’t dependent on face-to-face interaction, but are as strong… or stronger…

To have a system that delivers a steady stream of prospects, now and in the future…

To thrive in 2022 and beyond?  Then you need this challenge!

What exactly IS a challenge?

It’s an interactive workshop where you get hands-on, practical knowledge to move your business forward. No fluff, no woo woo, no wasted time.

Each day we’ll take a clear step toward the goal of identifying how you can stand out from your competitors, win the trust of your best prospects, and develop long-term customer relationships. 

If you want to grow your business without sleazy tactics or long hours of grinding, the Category of One Challenge is for you. 

Charlotte S Hicks, CPA CIC AAI ARM

Founder, Nowpreneur

Digital Marketer Certified Partner

Meet Your Guide

I’m Charlotte Hicks and for over 25 years I’ve been working with business owners like you who want to grow their business predictably, consistently, and ethically without sacrificing time with family and friends.

No matter the size of your business, getting great clients depends on good strategy, not on working longer hours. As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, we know what strategies are working both online and offline in the most successful businesses around the world.  Wouldn’t you like to know too? 

In this challenge, you’ll discover the key to making your business stand out from your competitors so you attract more qualified leads who become long-term clients. The challenge is  free – so come join us and become a Category of One!

 Our Challenge Schedule…


Day 1:  Discover the #1 mistake companies make with their brand message and the secrets the most successful companies use to stand out – even in crowded industries.

We’ll also uncover a secret that can make a huge difference in the success of your lead generation marketing.

Day 2:  Today, you’ll discover how to create a powerful statement of value that speaks directly to the needs of your prospects and sets the foundation for a successful sales conversation.

Plus, discover a strategy that makes even the most complex product easy to understand and gives you an even stronger brand message.

Day 3:   Get your personalized Growth Assessment and discover the simple path to using your unique brand message to double the size of your business.

The 3-Day Category of One Challenge is completely free! We’ll meet each day at 10:00 am ET in a private online group for practical training that can transform your marketing. With a client at during the live training? No worries, the replays will be available during the duration of the challenge so you can watch at the best time for you.

The only investment is your time… so join us and discover how you can get on the path to doubling your business with the Category of One Challenge.