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Quit wasting your money chasing the latest marketing tactics. We bring simplicity, order, and effectiveness to your marketing through customized marketing systems that attract and retain profitable customers for your business.

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The Captains Club is an exclusive members-only site for insurance professionals who are serious about growing their agencies without sacrificing the things that matter most like time with family and close friends.

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When a prospect sees your marketing, do they know why they should choose you? Do your current marketing systems provide you with a steady flow of highly qualified prospects? Nowpreneur marketing systems attract, convert, and retain your best customers, without agonizing cold-calling or spending hours on complicated marketing tactics.

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The Agency Activate Course is designed to guide you through the critical start-up phase of your independent insurance agency.

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Why Nowpreneur?

You wouldn’t go far in a sailboat with only a sail and no keel, or no way to set the sails. Your marketing is similar – you must have a complete marketing system or your efforts will fail. An effective marketing system doesn’t have to be complicated when the key fundamentals are in place.

Most marketing consultants tell you to run Facebook ads, use better scripts when you cold call, or pay for online exposure. None of those tactics are bad, but if they aren’t part of a cohesive system, they don’t work as successfully as they could.

Instead of throwing a pile of tactics at you that won’t produce results, we develop a system for your business that’s simple, elegant, and best of all, actually works.

If you’re tired of feeling like marketing your agency is a chore, you’re in the right place.

Join us, and discover the freedom that comes from being a Nowpreneur.


What We Do

Most traditional businesses like insurance agencies, CPAs, and financial planners find it challenging to use the marketing tools available to them today to generate leads and grow their business.

Through the exclusive Nowpreneur 5-step process, we create a customized marketing strategy to help business owners attract their ideal prospects and convert them to loyal customers so they have more money and time to do the thing things they value the most.

As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we’re able to access resources from around the world to help you be more successful.

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